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Audio Description

What is it?

Audio Description (AD) is a service allowing people who are blind or have low vision, to enhance their experience of cultural events by having the important visual elements described to them aurally. This is can done live, for events like weddings, theatre, musicals and dance or can be pre-recorded for use in film, television, museums and art exhibitions. Audio Description can also be used to enhance an experience in nature, such as swimming,  hiking or touristing. 

What's on? 

See below for a schedule of Audio Described events in Brisbane, that I am delivering. 

If there's something you want to attend that isn't on this list, send me a message and I can investigate whether we can incorporate AD into that event. It might be easier than you think!

Sign up for our newsletter if you want to get reminders of upcoming AD events. 

Another place to find info about AD events across Australia is through Vision Australia's Audio Described events calendar.

Cost of Living

by Martyna Majok

Presented by Queensland Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company

Saturday 13 July 2024

Tactile Tour 12:30pm.

Show Starts 2.00pm.

Bille Brown Theatre,

78 Montague Road, South Brisbane.

On a purple background, a fair-skinned man with red goatee and short cropped hair thrusts his chin out and looks directly at us. He wears plug earrings, and dark blue suitcoat over pale blue shirt.

Former-carer turned Playwright Martyna Majok won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for this play in 2018 and it’s easy to see why. This is a beautifully rendered story about our need to care (or be cared for) no matter the distance that age, race and disability might place between us.

Drawing on her lived experience, Majok introduces us to four seemingly disconnected characters whose lives are at a crossroads. There’s John — a wealthy successful PhD student with cerebral palsy ­— who hires the secretive Jess to be his new carer. And then there’s Eddie, an unemployed truck driver, desperately trying to reconcile with his ex-wife Ani, who has become a wheelchair user after an accident.


Told with deft humour and enormous heart, the Australian premiere of this highly-lauded work is directed by Priscilla Jackman (The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race) and Dan Daw, also appearing as John, with icon Philip Quast as Eddie, and Kate Hood as Ani.

or Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive.

by Selina Fillinger

Presented by Queensland Theatre

Saturday 10 August 2024

Tactile Tour 12:30pm.

Show Starts 2.00pm.

Bille Brown Theatre,

78 Montague Road, South Brisbane.

If you think you’re having a bad day, you should talk to the current administration of the White House. Assembled behind a fictitious — but very recognisable — President of the United States (POTUS) is a crack team of highly competent women who are dealing with a highly incompetent boss.

When the world’s most powerful man makes a foul-mouthed four-letter faux pas in front of every major news outlet — and several foreign dignitaries — the expletive lights the fuse on an explosive 24 hours in the Oval Office. Throw in some misplaced hallucinogenic drugs, a sex scandal and an assassination attempt, it’s anyone’s guess who’ll make it to clock-off.

In the spirit of Wag The Dog and Veep, POTUS is a femme-fuelled political farce that earned three Tony nominations in 2022. Here, in its Australian premiere, POTUS is powered by a star-spangled all-female ensemble, including Amy Ingram (Family Values). Grab the girls and charge your glass — if not for you, then for the women in charge of the man in charge of the free world.

On a pale green background, a fair-skinned woman with long wavey blonde hair grins, with her eyebrows raised. She wears a dark purple shirt under a pale purple suitcoat, and holds up the index finger on both hands just in front of her shoulders.

Fancy Long Legs

by Rachel Burke, adapted for the stage by Naomi Price

Presented by La Boite Theatre Company

Thursday 12 September 2024

Tactile Tour & Performance 10am.

Saturday 14 September 2024

Tactile Tour & Performance 1pm.

Wednesday 18 September 2024

Tactile Tour & Performance 6pm.

Saturday 21 September 2024

Tactile Tour & Performance 1pm.

La Boite Theatre Company,

6-8 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove.

A show of razzle-dazzle and acceptance. Weave your web and make your mark.

Underneath a crafter’s cart lived a lively young arachnid. Fancy Long Legs was her name, and she was easily distracted.

Fancy Long Legs is a brand-new glittery and vibrant musical adventure for children, based on a new picture book by Brisbane’s international tinsel and craft icon, Rachel Burke.

Fancy Long Legs is the story of Fancy, a spider who loves to create but struggles to stay focused on her creative task of web-building. With the support of her friends, Fancy goes on a beautiful journey of self-discovery to find her own style and make something no one else can.

This uplifting story takes a sparkly and relatable look at neurodivergence, offering a playful and glitter-covered adventure of acceptance, staying true to yourself and finding friends who love you and celebrate your differences.

La Boite Theatre, Brisbane Festival and The Little Red Company (Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols, Lady Beatle) join forces this September bringing this bright and bold family work to life, gifting sparkle, inclusivity and catchy tunes to our youngest theatregoers.  Fancy Long Legs has been created with accessibility at its core to ensure the theatre experience is welcoming, safe and inclusive for all. Each performance in the season will be considered ‘relaxed’ with flexible venue access, ambient lighting, spoiler sheets, sensory warnings, a low-sensory space, accessible seating, plus Auslan Interpretation, Audio Description and Tactile tours on select performances.

Recommended for ages 3 – 100+ years.

Fancy long legs.jpg

Dear Brother

by Lenny Donahue and Tibian Wyles.

Presented by Queensland Theatre, Blakdance and Brisbane Festival.

Saturday 21 September 2024

Tactile Tour 12:30pm.

Show Starts 2.00pm.

Bille Brown Theatre,

78 Montague Road, South Brisbane.

On a pink background two dark-skinned men smile, the one on the left is closer and faces the camera. He wears a yellow checkered shirt and blue jeans. Behind him and to the right the other man has his face turned to the ground. He wears a brown jacket over a white shirt and black pants. Both men have closely-cut beards and dark hair.

Young men from different corners of Queensland blow into the big smoke burning with unbridled energy, desire and confusion. Each of them filled with the need to escape, to make something of their lives, to defy the hand that life has dealt them. An individual ignition has driven them all to Brisbane but something else — something ancestral — will bring them together.

Caught between adolescence and adulthood, these young fellas will converge and wrestle with themselves, each other, their ghosts and a deep-etched sense of duty to Country. Together they’ll lay themselves bare and bond as brothers over what it means to be a young Aboriginal man in 2024.

This high energy work, presented with BlakDance as part of Brisbane Festival, is all about giving today’s young Murri men a voice, one that challenges the narrative around public perceptions of Aboriginal masculinity. Using dance, music and poetry, this form-defying work features Djabuganjdji man Lenny Donahue and Girramay and Kalkadoon man Tibian Wyles in a tour-de-force performance that is as physical as it is heartfelt.

Round the Twist
The Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by Paul Hodge
Based on the television series produced by The Australian Children’s Television Foundation from the short stories of Paul Jennings
With the original theme song by Andrew Duffield

Saturday 23 November 2024

Tactile Tour 11:30am.

Show Starts 1.00pm.

Playhouse, QPAC, Sounth Brisbane.

On a background of deep blue sky with whisps of cloud is a white lighthouse with a red roof, and beams of light shining from its beacon.  An illustration of a red ribbon curls around the lighthouse reading 'Round the Twist the Musical' in yellow text.

Have you ever, ever felt like this?

The home-grown TV show that raised a generation* is coming back in 2024 with all the magic you remember (and that song you can’t forget!) in a brand-new Australian musical by Paul Hodge based on the seminal stories of much-loved children’s book author Paul Jennings.

In an old lighthouse, single dad Tony Twist and his kids Pete, Linda and Bronson are about to embark on a magical adventure to unravel a 100 year old mystery and protect their home from the greedy Gribble family who want to turn their piece of paradise into an Aqua-World-Casino-Pizza-Parlour-Burger-Joint-Amusement-Park.

With the help of a haunted outhouse, a crystal ball, some friendly ghosts and smelly feet (up the pong!), this family might just have what it takes to save the day!

Whether you’re new to the Twists or a diehard fan (withoutmypants), this big-hearted musical filled with soaring song and jaw-dropping design is for everyone.

Captained by Director and Dramaturg Simon Phillips (Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical, Ladies in Black), Round The Twist The Musical is a quintessentially Australian joyous celebration of oddballs and misfits — where if you stand out then you’ll fit right in!

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