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About Me
Black and white photo of Shari smiling broadly, with crew-cut black hair, dark eyes and wearing large hoop earrings

Above this text is a black and white photo of me, Shari. I'm giving a big smile and have crew-cut black hair, dark eyes, and am wearing large hoop earrings and a chunky metal necklace. 

The first in my family to be born in Australia, I have Chinese-Indonesian and New Zealand heritage. 

Based in Meanjin/Brisbane, Queensland I am a professional Audio Describer (AD) with over 10 years experience bringing the joys of cultural experiences to people who are blind or have low vision.


Vantagepoint is my bespoke AD consultancy. I have recently commenced postgraduate studies to qualify as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist. 


My background in theatre -  as an actor, writer, director and producer - has taught me the benefits of working collaboratively, deep listening,

being imaginative, friendly and confident.


What I do...

Audio Description

Audio Description is a service allowing people who are blind or have low vision, to enhance their experience of cultural events by having the important visual elements described to them aurally. This is can done live, for events like theatre, musicals and dance or can be pre-recorded for use in film, television, museums and art exhibitions. Audio Description can also be used to enhance an experience in nature, such as swimming,  hiking or touristing.

Orientation and Mobility

An Orientation and Mobility Specialist is a person who works with people who are blind or have low vision to find the best and safest ways for them to understand where they are, where they need to go, and plan how to get there. I am currently undertaking postgraduate study to receive qualifications to become an "O&M Specialist". 



"Shari, as a volunteer and member of the VA workforce shows up, is agile in her capacity to think on her feet and adjust as situations change, as the VA Coorparoo team have witnessed. She has shared so much with Vision Australia, and people with Blindness and Low Vision"

Shell  Davis 

Volunteer Partnerships Coordinator,

Vision Australia

"Shari’s audio description services are the best in the business, not to mention the professionalism and good humour that makes working with Shari a breeze. I’ll always give Shari a call when I need audio description for our shows and events, and highly recommend that others do the same"

Madeleine Little

Festival Director,

Undercover Artist Festival

I am blind and require the assistance of a Seeing Eye Dog (SED) for independence and mobility. Although my SED Toby is a great mate and amazing support, it is not possible for us to independently travel interstate and participate in a major five day musical festival with multiple stages and thousands of festival goers.

I am so grateful for Shari’s tireless and selfless assistance, as she really brought the festival to life. She has excellent professional skills and is committed to working with people with vision impairment. She has extensive audio description experience and is currently training as an Orientation and Mobility specialist. These skills proved invaluable. 

Steven Cuthbert

devoted Byron Bay BluesFest visitor

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